Open Office Prejmer

Welcome to the office that says “together”

We spend most of our days in the office, together with our colleagues. A company that has a team-work, open-talks and open-space DNA, the furniture inside all of this space has to follow the same concept.

Our challenge was to bring fondness, vitality and functionality inside this wide space. The warm wood colour and texture blend perfectly with white bases and black, minimalist desk legs, and also with the lively green touches of plants. Inspired by natural elements, each piece of furniture helps create a calm and focused atmosphere, just as every office should offer.

The space needs to be well organised, as each employee has work materials that have to be stored, but to also provide a clean space that can be personalised. Moreover, the comfort, the technology, the brainstorming and meeting areas are essential to a working space, therefore the furniture has to comply to all of these needs.