Kronsoft Center

Kronsoft Center, is a modern office building P + 6, which was completed in the autumn 2017.

The architectural style of the building continues in the interior design. Many of the interiors are open spaces, naturally illuminated, with aluminum joinery for windows.
Such a space fits with custom-made furniture in a modern style with Scandinavian influences. Simplicity is reflected in almost all aspects and in all parts of the interior. The simple and clean lines that define the furniture are also present in decorations and accessories. We chose asymmetrical areas made of different material, with smooth inserts and straight lines. Colors are simple and natural without extravagant textures. The materials we used are both natural and artificial, without shocking or abstract combinations. The whole space emanates comfort, light and opening. Considering these are offices, our furniture gives the essential characteristics for a team to work in here productively and with pleasure.