Home is more than just a space.

Home is the place where we can relax together with our family and our friends. Our home is the place in which we search for our dreams and find the resources to fulfill them. That is why our home is, in fact, the most important space for spending quality time.

Our home must fulfill our needs and must generate a special atmosphere just to be able to in which we can charge the batteries. In order to be a source of energy, we are looking at “home” as a mirror to the one who lives in it. So, we divided the space in multiple areas and we used each corner as needed.

The created furniture is a combination of classic style and modern style, with simple lines and minimalist pieces, arranged in regular forms. We used mostly light colors for creating the impression of a bigger space. We used only high-quality materials. In the end, we created a warm, soothing, perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rest.