About us

With 12 years of experience in the custom-made furniture market, at Mobistar, we count on the originality of furniture design and on the quality of the materials that we use.

Mobistar is not only about furniture, it is about a certain mood and a whole atmosphere that we transfer to that space through our work. We start by understanding the given space, its usefulness and the main idea that it could express. We continue with establish the client’s needs, so that the furniture executed will answer perfectly to its requirements. We use different materials and we don’t exclude combinations (solid wood, veneer, painted and blown MDF, laminated chipboard, etc.). Our furniture is made by experienced professionals who know how to value both the material and the usefulness of the product. With superior finishes, the furniture created by us perfectly adapts to the space it is designed for. For having best results, at Mobistar, we are counting on experience, quality and exquisite execution.