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Particleboard and MDF products

Generally, when talking about furniture, we tend to pay special attention to appearance, how it fills up the room's aesthetics, but also to materials and the way the furniture is made.

Whether the furniture is made of matte or glossy particleboard, painted or plain MDF, it is important to create the desired environment and, at the same time, ensure durability.

Mobistar L.L.C. manufactures particleboard and MDF furniture with high quality and durability due to carefully chosen raw material suppliers, professionalism across the team and the clearly defined standards of quality of finished products.

Particleboard and MDF Features

Particleboard - is a wood-based, three-layer material, obtained by pressing wood particles at high temperature and pressure, using synthetic resins as a bonding agent.

MDF (medium density fiberboard) - is a wood-based material obtained by pressing wood fibers with the addition of synthetic resins under high pressure and at high temperatures. The resulting material has both uniform density and composition along the entire plate, being more resistant to moisture than the particleboard. Thus, we recommend particleboard furniture for bedrooms, dressing rooms, living rooms, showrooms, laboratories and medical offices. But, in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms, it is recommended to use MDF furniture, with higher resistance and density.


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